10 Budget Holiday Getaways for a memorable journey called life!!

Low cost holiday destination
Go on a trip with your loved ones,this holiday season.

Humans were born to explore.We all go through a cartwheel of life which has a hell lot of ups and downs.Frustrations, job dissatisfaction, financial crisis, health issues and much more.We often spend the majority of our lives trying to make the ends meet often missing out the happiness and thrill of exploring the unknown.We often run about in haste to upgrade our living standards and meanwhile forget to live & make memories meant to be cherished in the final phases of our lives.

This blog post is dedicated to all the hustlers who work hard compromising their quest to experience the beauty of the world for budget constraints.Whether going on all alone, with your spouse or with your family, a holiday rejuvenates your senses and provides you a treasure of memories.Here is a list of some of the less familiar holiday destinations which are both economical and worth going for.

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  1. Bintan Island-Bintan, the largest island in the Riau Islands province situated just a ferry ride away from Singapore or Johor Bahru in Malaysia, offers the perfect getaway with its high-end resorts, world-class golf courses, and refreshing coastal ambiance.It makes to this list because of its value for money.You can find attractive packages online. Click to Know More


  1. Cappadocia(Turkey)famous for its geographical features.The much-hyped fairy chimnies found here are the cone-like structures formed due to ages of erosion and volcanic rock formations.It houses underground cities like Kaymakli and Derinkuyu, used as hiding places by early Christians long ago.Click to Know More


  1. Morocco- A North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.Famous for Mint tea fondly known as “Berber whiskey and tanneries, morocco packs quite a punch as a shopping hub apart from its scenic beauty.Click to Know More

Have a small visual glimpse of majestic Morocco

  1. Vietnam And Cambodia-Apart from being boasted of having the finest islands and beaches in all of south-east Asia, Vietnam is also famous for its unique cuisine which is almost impossible to find anywhere else in the world.Visit Cambodia, the nation of Angkor Wat temple, the largest religious monument in the world ever built, you will definitely experience the divinity of a different kind.Click to Know More


  1. Seychelles- An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean is emerging as a favorite tourism destination for the Newly Weds.Take a bike ride along the shore and experience the serenity of majestic beaches and spellbinding greenery.A perfect honeymoon getaway.Click to Know More


  1. Mykonos Islands-An island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos islands have starred in a host of Bollywood and Hollywood movies as a perfect refuge of romance.Experience the blare thumping summer parties, a must do for tourists visiting from all over the world.Click to Know More

Have a small visual glimpse of Marvellous Mykonos

  1. Ireland- An island in the North Atlantic, Ireland is regarded by many as the home of castles, the architectural uniqueness of these castles is not found in any other part of the world.You can hire a bicycle and explore the scenic divineness on your own.Click to Know More


  1. New Zealand- New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main islands, both marked by volcanoes and glaciation.The Kiwi Country is known to be among top 20 countries to visit before you die.Click to Know More


  1. Philippines- Philippines is a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific, comprising more than a whopping 7,000 islands. It’s home to the baroque 17th-century San Agustin Church as well as Fort Santiago, a storied citadel and military prison and much more.Click to Know More


  1. Bali- One of the best exotic islands that offer you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a blend of nature, wildlife, history, and culture.Having a prominent place in the Hindu Mythological epic of RAMAYANA it’s one of the most in-demand tourism destination nowadays mainly because of being quite economical as compared to other hotspots.Click to Know More.

Have a small visual glimpse of beautiful bali

Have you already been to any of these majestic places?Do let us know about your experience in the comment section below.


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