8 Commonly used Appliances that might eventually Ruin you!

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A few years back a dear friend of mine being a health freak ordered a RO water purifier system. He got it installed and was quite happy about the water quality as he said it tasted really good. Things were going quite fine until one day in a casual conversation, he revealed that he had been suffering from chronic illness in a continuous progression since few months. He was falling ill with chronic headaches and severe fatique.Listening to my advice he decided to take medical help, the doc administered him some health supplements and assured him that things would be fine.But, even after a month of medication, situation didn’t improve rather deteriorated. After a consultation with specialists and undergoing various tests he received a bummer when the reports were disclosed.Just because of prolonged intake of RO water he was now suffering from severe nutrient deficiency of various kinds.Though this incident isn’t common but yes exceptions do exist,it can be you or me.Factburp tries to draw your interest on some of the daily use appliances that can probably deplete your health conditions

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  1. Mobile Phones:You might not believe but yes, !.Significant researches have shown ample signs of how devastating cellphones can be.The radiations discharged by cellphones can cause severe cerebral damage,there are patients who are suffering from impotency and other issues just because of too much exposure to cell phone radiation.Click To Know More
  1. Microwave Ovens: Thorough researches have revealed that Microwave oven significantly negate the food quality.Apart from depleting the nutrients it can also destroy breast milk and vitamin B-12.A study held at Trent university revealed that levels of radiation emitted by Microwaves can affect both heart rate and heart rate variability.Click To Know More


  1. Air conditioners:Apart from being atrocious for the environment,to your surprise prolonged exposure to cool breeze of A.Cs can cause you arthritis at a very early age.Patients have been reported to suffer from asthma and intolerance towards the outside environment just because their bodies have lost all most of its resistence and cant bare slight climatic change now.


  1. Humidifiers:Humidifiers,if not cleaned in regular intervals can cause bacterial growth that can promote cold and coughs.Vaporisers often get dirty though they can be cleaned easily.Special precautions are to be taken in homes with asthma patients as Humidifiers can potentially emit minerals and microorganisms.
  1. Mosquito Repellents: Almost all mosquito repellents(electric/non electric) commonly use allethrin group of compounds,herbs,oils or diethy toluimide (DEET).The effect of these last for only 2-4 hours as against what is shown in the TV commercials(That’s why it is called an idiot box).These repellent expose the humans to bis-chloromethyl ether (BCME) which is an extremely potent lung carcinogen.Click To Know More


  1. Room Fresheners:Most of the room fresheners contain phthalates,same chemicals that are used as plastic softeners.Many of them contain ethylene-based glycol ethers, which are quite bad for the human body as well as for the environment.Click To Know More


  1. Western Toilet Seats:The human body was made to shit while squatting,that is how our skeletal structure was formed.Due to the wrong posture while defecating,thanks to the western style toilets a host of health complications clinge on to us some of them atre Constipation, Hemorrhoids,Colon Diseases and much more.Click To Know More


  1. RO water purifiers:Those who use the RO purifiers must be knowing that RO stands for reverse osmosis,won’t go into technical details about it.We might be be ignoring it today but according to research in the university of Pennsylvania,the RO water would be one of the primary reason for the weak development of the young generation 20-25 years down the line.Click the link to know how?



So, Choose your Appliances Wisely….

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