10 of the World’s most Influential women Today

It’s wonderful to witness that the women of today are successfully breaking down the walls of a chauvinist society.Be it any aspect of the new age era, you name it and they execute it with pride.The women of today are a force to reckon with.The draconian laws of various civilizations have always tried to confine women to the set of rules prescribed by the dominant males.But fortunately enough, these lores are things of past, though many of them are still meagred in their shells in different parts of the world due to farcical reasons, to begin with.But we believe it’s a dawn on the horizon and the things will change for the better gradually.Factburp tries to highlight some the most significant women influencers in the world from varied fields and professions.

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1.Sports: Serena Williams, a name even the tennis haters will love to bow down to.15 years of pure domination and still going strong.She is also now the oldest world no1 titleholder in her game.With a jaw-dropping winning rate of 86% and 23 grand slams in her kitty, she will stand unmatched for a long time, to say the least.
Some Worthy mentions:
Ronda Rousey
Maria Sharapova
Shizuka Arakawa

2.Entrepreneurship: Arianna Huffington, founder of one of the most significant online news publications in the world today.Though Huffington post now stands acquired by AOL, Arianna is indulged in a varied spectrum of entrepreneurial endeavors.
Some Notable Names
Sara Blakely
Yang Lan
Debbi Fields

3.Politics: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany since 2005.A woman of unparalleled repute, she has brought in a tectonic shift in Germany’s politics.She steered Germany out of an acute financial crisis by introducing revolutionary reforms and amending proactive work atmosphere.Germany owes her a lot.
Other Important Ones
Hillary Clinton
Cristina Fernandez
Julia Gillard

4.Fashion: Arguably the most oomphy supermodel to have ever scorched the ramp, Gisele Bundchen is also a natural skincare entrepreneur.Hailing from Brazil she made her spot among the top 20 richest women in the entertainment industry.
Other pros of the game
Kendall Jenner
Chrissy Teigen
Adriana Lima

5.Entertainment:Oprah Winfrey,a woman honing Many talents.She is a fabulous television Host, philanthropist and a motivational speaker.She has revolutionized talk shows forever.A legion of today’s reality television stars have made a fortune following her footsteps.With a net worth of $2.9 billion, she is indeed a cult in herself.
Some significant names in the industry.
Ellen Lee DeGeneres
Wendy Williams
Barbara Walters

6. Corporates:Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors is one of the top corporate personalities in the world today.Driving the company successfully towards an unprecedented growth path, this powerful woman is a subject of research and reference in many esteemed universities across the globe. Her feats include beating Tesla’s much-hyped Model 3 to market with the Chevrolet Bolt EV, which was launched in 2016 with a battery that can outlast
Other chart toppers include
Indra Nooyi
Marilyn Hewson
Abigail Johnson

7.Tech innovation: Hooi Ling Tan, started as a McKinsey consultant and Harvard graduate, is the co-founder of Malaysia-based app GrabTaxi. Despite aggressive competition from Uber and Easy Taxi, Hooi and her team have successfully gained traction in the region.Grab is now available in 21 cities, received a quarter of a billion in funding from Softbank.
Other Renowned Women Techies
Reese Fernandez-Ruiz
Stephanie Yoe
Sarah Huang

8.Philanthropy: Melinda Gates, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.Termed by many as “Angel” she is the better half of one of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs, Bill Gates.She is also regarded as worlds most generous tycoon donating huge proportions of money for social causes.
Other Noteworthy Names
Christine Lagarde
Laurene Powell Jobs
Priscilla Chan

9.Author: E. L. James, there is probably anyone who likes reading Romantic books and hasn’t heard her name.One of the greatest ever, E. L. James is the highest grossing author today.She penned the bestselling erotic romance trilogy Fifty Shades.
Other Notable Names
JK Rowling
Paula Hawkins
Veronica Roth
Nora Roberts

10.Healthcare: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has come a long way since she founded a small enzyme company in 1978. Now that company, Biocon, is the biggest public pharmaceutical company in India, distributing products to 85 countries and generating $460 billion in revenue.
Other Important Names
Elizabeth Holmes
Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

We Know how important women are to the society and strongly advocate for their equality in every aspect.Factburp Salutes the women who are making the world more meaningful.

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