4 ways Kidney disorders can lead to death.

Kidney disease
Clay Model of a kidney

It’s no brainer that the kidney is the organ responsible for the cleanliness of your body internally. Kidney disease can affect your body’s ability to clean your blood, filter extra water out of your blood, and help control your blood pressure apart from numerous other roles that it plays in your body. This may lead to a series of complications which may ultimately put you on the death bed gradually. Your kidneys are the twins, which you should take utmost care of. The special branch of medicine called nephrology is all about the kidneys and nephrologists are the specialist you should refer to in case of any kidney disorders.

Predominantly, there are two types of Kidney ailments:

  • Chronic Kidney disease: Generally the slower type of kidney ailment which generally worsens with time. The prominent causes are; Diabetes, High blood pressure (hypertension), Heart disease, Having a family member with kidney disease, Being African-American, Hispanic, Native American or Asian, Being over 60 years old.
  • Acute Kidney problems: If your kidneys suddenly stop working, doctors call it acute kidney injury or acute renal failure.

A kidney ailment can damage the entire system of the body in the following ways.

  1. Heart diseases: When your kidneys ditch you and don’t work well, your hormone system, which has been regulating your blood pressure, has to work harder to increase the blood supply to the kidneys now. This is a red flag or a danger mark as your heart has to pump harder than what it is meant to, this can gradually lead to heart disease.
  2. Risk in Dialysis: Dialysis is an artificial process to replicate the functions of the kidneys (removing waste and excess fluid from your blood) if they’ve failed. Although it can save your life, it also carries some hidden dangers like-pericarditis, an inflammation of the membrane around the heart, sudden cardiac death, the leading cause of death in people undergoing dialysis.   
  3. Fluid Buildup in the body-This usually occurs in the end-stage of the renal disease. Only a few treatments can ensure a cure at this stage. One can opt for either dialysis or a kidney transplant to live, despite being promising treatments these are considered quite costly and risky.
  4. Muscle weakness-The loss of cellular proteins in kidney diseases pose a massive threat to the patients as Persistence of muscle protein catabolism in CKD results in striking losses of muscle proteins and the sheer loss muscle mass increases the chances of mortality as it significantly weakens the body and its disease-fighting ability.

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