5 Great Reasons to Laugh it out loud!!

It ’s often said that “laughter is the best medicine” that too for free. But have you ever wondered why and how?Let’s decode the proverb!. According to the scientists of the highly acclaimed universities around the world, laughter gives you a natural high. Whether you laugh watching your favorite series of the FRIENDS or The Big Bang Theory, it lights up the reward center of your brain and releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins and dopamine. Trust me, I have seen doctors administering laughter therapies to patients going through depression and other psychological conditions.So whether its Sheldon’s quirky intellectual jargons or Jimmy Fallon’s hysterical celebrity interactions, if it’s making you laugh out loud, just watch them.Factburp tries to woo you towards some informative insights about the benefits you draw when you laugh.

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  1. Don’t hunt for reasons-According to some neuroscientists and behavioral experts, its not necessarily attached to some kind of humor or some waggish reason.Even laughing without any reason helps you to connect with others in your surroundings.You tend to laugh 30 times more when you’re among others than alone.But Make sure not to laugh so much that you become the joke instead.

  2. How many times did you laugh today?-Researchers of the University of Pennsylvania have found that laughing for even five to six times a day which aggregates to about 15 minutes, you can shred away 4 pounds each year.It raises your heart rate 10-20 percent apart from strengthening your heart and lungs.

  3. Eases up your arteries-Scientists assume that laughter releases endorphins that hook on to receptors in your blood vessels triggering the release of Nitric oxide(NO).This, in turn, relaxes up your arteries hence making them more flexible and wider, amplifying smoother blood flow.

  4. Dealing with chronic pain-Endorphins released while laughing help you to deal with pain in a subtle way.So, many doctors prescribe laughter therapies to older adults suffering from chronic pain.According to a sample research two groups adult individuals, one was exposed to laughter therapy and the other wasn’t.After 7-8 weeks the laughter therapy group responded by saying, they had less pain as compared to the ones who didn’t undergo the therapy.

  5. Laughter is contagious-Humans, as proclaimed by researchers have “laughter triggers” in their subconscious mind.You might have also experienced this when you hear someone laughing out loud, your laughter generators trip and you burst out too or at least giggle. It is because laughter brings in a positivity in the ambience and our minds tend to lean towards that vibe unknowingly.

Some Precautions to be kept in Mind:

  • If you suffer from any Disorder in the nervous system and are subjected to medication, try to keep it low.
  • People with pseudobulbar affect(PBA) may burst out crying or laughing for no reason, consult a doctor in such cases.


Just remember,“No problem is bigger than your will”.So laugh it out loud and let the world hear your infectious happiness.

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