These are the Highest Paying IT Jobs In the World

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With the advent of the new buzz word “Artificial Intelligence”, the IT professionals are again at the epicenter of a global revolution. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning related positions continue to grow in number and in salary packages, ranging between $100,000 to $175,000 as per the reports of Mondo(a prominent staffing agency specialized in the IT sector).The year 2017 saw a spike in job opportunities for IT professionals with increasing man force demand in fields like DevOps Engineers and eCommerce Developers.

Factburp tries to give you a glimpse of some of the highest paying jobs in the IT Sector right now, start planning your career wisely.

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1.Chief technology officers/Chief information officers: The remuneration paid to these professionals range anywhere between $160,000 – $292,500.Both positions are quite distinct in roles yet confused often.The distinction between CTO/CIO.


2.Chief Information Security Officer: The packages offered in these cases range between $162,000 – $275,000, making it one of the highest paid packages in any industry.These guys are senior-level executives responsible for developing and implementing an information security program, which includes procedures and policies designed to protect enterprise communications, systems, and assets from both internal and external threats.


3.DevOps Lead/Engineer:Their Salary range between $115,000 – $250,000. Nearly every IT organization wants to embrace DevOps. Sometimes called integration specialists, they analyze, design, and implement strategies for continuous deployments while ensuring high availability on production and pre-production systems.


4.Demandware Developer: Demandware is an enterprise-ready SAAS (Software as a service) e-commerce platform which utilizes a revenue share model. This means that the platform can be used by businesses in exchange for a share of the revenue generated via the platform. In return for that Demandware takes care of the hosting, server infrastructure, and core application framework. A Demandware developer’s Salary ranges between: $127,500 – $237,500.


5.Data Architect: Earning anywhere between $130,000-$210,000,A Data Architects an increasingly important role.It is a natural evolution from Data Analyst and Database Designer and reflects the emergence of Internet Web Sites which need to integrate data from different unrelated Data Sources.


6.Data Scientist: Though this job profile is making the rounds for quite a long time now, Data Scientists are techies who typically create various Machine Learning-based tools or processes within the company, such as recommendation engines or automated lead scoring systems. People within this role should also be able to perform statistical analysis.Median Salary ranges between $130,000 – $210,000 in the international arena.


7.Database Architect: Earning comprehensive Salary packages ranging between $145,000-$200,000, database architects are IT stalwarts indulged in Developing database solutions to store and retrieve company information.They Install and configure information systems to ensure functionality.The also Analyze structural requirements for new software and applications.


8.Project Manager: An IT project manager is a professional charged with overseeing the process of planning, executing and delegating responsibilities around an organization’s information technology (IT) pursuits and goals.These professionals make anywhere in the Salary range of $77,500 – $200,000.

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