How to Manage your Insurance Claims

There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?

Insurance claims often give nightmares to the holders as there are is a constant battle between both the parties of the insurance for rightfulness.

In Case Of Damaged home

  1. Call your insurance company as soon as possible. Most firms provide a 24-hour helpline for policyholders to call for advice.
  2. If you can, take photos or videos of the damage as this may help support your claim.
  3. Keep water-damaged furniture and other items that have been damaged. Don’t dispose of any items of value until you’re told to by a loss adjuster.
  4. Get emergency repair works that will prevent further damage as soon as possible. However, more elaborate or permanent measures should not be taken without prior approval from your insurer.
  5. Check whether your insurance company offers alternative accommodation as part of your cover. It’s possible that you could be re-housed for weeks, so keep a complete record of any additional spending while you’re not living at home.

You should also make sure you:

  • don’t use electricity or gas supplies
  • don’t drink tap water until you’ve been advised that it’s safe to do so
  • move essentials and valuables to safety. You should transfer food, clothing, and televisions upstairs to limit the damage, and move furniture away from the walls.

In case of Damaged car

  1. If you have comprehensive car insurance, dig out your policy and check to see what level of cover you have for flood or other storm damage. Call your insurer’s helpline for advice.
  2. Again, if you can take photos or videos of the damage as this may help to support your claim.
  3. Check whether your insurance company offers a replacement vehicle as part of your cover.

You Must….

  1. Consider hiring your own loss adjuster. In theory, loss adjusters are supposed to be independent mediators, but you may want your own assessment of the damage in case of a dispute.
  2. Keep all receipts and other relevant paperwork safe. You’ll need them to support your claim.

In case your problems go unresolved

If you feel that your claim isn’t being dealt with quickly enough by your insurer, or your insurer rejects your claim, you can contact Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.

It can contact the insurer on your behalf to try to get a resolution. You’ll find more information at the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority website.Bear in mind that the insurer has almost forty-five days to respond to your complaint.

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