Surviving a Stampede logically

A stampede is uncontrolled strenuous running as an act of mass impulse among herd of animals or a crowd of people in which the group collectively sprints I order to escape the vicinity mostly due to a perceived threat.Vicious stampedes have claimed numerous lives throughout centuries.Factburp tries to apprise its readers about the reasons, Effects and the logical way to escape a stampede.

Few steps to Stay unharmed when you are in between a high-density crowd.

1.Avoid crowded areas: You will hardly find places which are not squirming with people. Though you can not escape crowds every time, try avoiding them as much as you can.

2.Mark your Exit routes: Prior entering a place which is hosting a multitude of people, whether it’s a rail station, subway, theatre, stadium, etc, just mark your exit points which might prove to be an easy escape route in case of an emergency.

3.Avoid carrying valuables: We are always on a hunt for an opportunity, so are the rogues.In a chaotic situation(even its not a stampede)you stand exposed as you might lose out your swaggy smartphones, jewellery, swanky watches etc which had cost you dearly.

4.Keep calm, don’t panic: Stampedes are the result of a panic-stricken rush, so keep your calm and look for an exit route.

5.Move diagonally: By moving this way, you gain some resistance against the direct impact of the crowd push and there are higher chances that you might slither out to safety.

6.Stay firm in a Fetal position: Almost everyone who has used this tactic has survived.In this position you have a firm hold on the ground, you stand lesser chances to be stomped upon. 

7.Don’t try to pick up stuff: When the crowd is on the move, avoid picking up stuff from the ground, as while picking them up you might not be able to resist the pressure of the moving crowd and fall.After the touchdown, it will almost be impossible to recuperate.


8.Take a defensive stance: Taking a defensive stance would ensure that you are not hit by the crowd.When  you are moving while maintaining this posture, the chances of internal injury due to the pressure of the high-density crowd is reduced significantly.

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