Your Smartphone is Killing you Softly:Carrying a Killer


  • The popularity of  cell phones makes this technology the most quickly accepted device for all age groups in the history of consumer technology, leading to overuse & addiction.
  • Recent research has identified over 20 different bacterial species on phones of secondary school students
  • Studies demonstrate proximity to cell phones increases your exposure to EMF radiation to dangerous levels.
  • It triggers mitochondrial damage that may result in diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, and inflammatory bowel disease to name just a few.


Your Cellphone Likely Carries 10 Times More Germs Than a Toilet Seat!!

The population of Secondary school students has made smartphones an intimate part of their everyday life.So the Researchers were interested in quantifying the number of bacteria residing on secondary school students’ mobile phones. Samples were collected from 27 mobile phones of students aged 16 to 18, and bacterial colonies were counted. In this study, a high average count of microbes was found on each of the phones, with more than 20 different species detected, astonishingly many micro organisms were not even present in any micro biological record.


1.Cell phone Usage Rising, and so Is Addiction: Programmers have developed a process they call “brain hacking” that increases your desire to pay attention to your smartphone. They incorporate information from neuropsychology into the development of website interfaces that increase your interaction. For instance, getting likes on Facebook, or “streaks” on Snapchat are designed to lengthen your engagement with the program and increase your desire to return. A combination of these factors has led to a dependence or addiction to the internet that affected 6 percent of the world population in 2014.

2.Risk From Cellphone Usage Linked to Mitochondrial Damage: An increase in peroxynitrites in your body has been associated with an increased level of systemic inflammation, and most importantly, mitochondrial dysfunction.

As it is explained in the video below by Dr.Mercola.You will be shocked to know that the number of people who carry Smartphones/cell phones daily exceeds the number who have access to toilets.

The primary origin of disease processes attributed to EMF radiation exposure is related to mitochondrial damage triggered by the reactive nitrogen species peroxynitrites.

3.Your Cellphone gifts you to Multiple Health Ailments: Microwave radiation from Smartphone/cell phones and other wireless technologies activates voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC) that then open up, allowing excessive amounts of calcium into your cells.The rise in cell phone use, with related oxidative destruction triggered by EMF radiation from mobile devices, may partially explain an unprecedented growth rate of chronic disease.The major health threats continue to be cardiovascular disease, cancer, and infections.

4.Your Children are on a Knife’s Edge: Holding a Smartphone/cell phone to your ear allows between 10 percent and 80 percent of EMF radiation to penetrate up to 2 inches into your brain.However, in children, this penetration is even deeper, as an adult’s skull is up to four times thicker than that of a child. Children are also exposed to EMF radiation at a much earlier age, whereas most adults can still recall days when every phone was hardwired to the wall.


Need Of The Hour…..

  • Reduce the number of bacteria on your phone: Clean your phone daily by wiping with a soft microfiber, it removes many germs. For a deeper clean, every week use a combination of 60 percent water and 40 percent rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and wipe it gently across the phone.
  • Keep the phone away from your head: Consider moving your cellphone away from your head when it’s turned on or the Wi-Fi, data or Bluetooth are enabled.You may do this by using a selfie-stick or speaking on the speaker phone. Short conversations and texting more than talking also reduce your exposure.
  • Limit cell phone use to areas with excellent reception: The weaker the reception in the area, the more power the phone must emit to make the connection and therefore the more radiation is emitted. This increases your risk of greater radiation penetration to your body.
  • Reduce or eliminate your use of other wireless devices: If it’s necessary to use a portable home phone, consider those that operate at 900 MHz, as these don’t usually broadcast when not in use. The way to measure your exposure from your portable phones and other electronic devices is to use an electrosmog (RF) meter that measures up to 8 Gigahertz to detect frequencies from newer devices.
  • Increase your distance from RF-emitting devices: The closer the device, the more radiation you absorb. Find a way to transport your phone other than your pants pocket or bra, to reduce your risk of infertility and of breast cancer.
  • Respect others in your immediate area: Consider keeping your Smartphone/cell phone off when you’re in a meeting, in a courthouse, doctor’s office, and other public areas, and around children to reduce “secondhand radiation” effects.
  • Don’t let your child use a cell phone: Unless it’s a life-threatening emergency, using a Smartphone/cell phone will increase your child’s potential risk for cell damage from EMF radiation
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi router and Smartphone/cell phone when not in use: When they aren’t in use, such as at night, turn your Wi-Fi, modem, and cell phone off. Reserve your cell phone for emergencies, as even when it’s not in use, the phone emits radiation as long as it’s turned on.
  • Certain nutrients may reduce damage: Researchers have discovered certain spices may help prevent or repair damage from peroxynitrites.Spices rich in phenolics, specifically cloves, rosemary, turmeric, cinnamon and ginger root exhibited some protective capacity against peroxynitrite-induced damage.Optimizing your magnesium level may also help reduce damage associated with EMFs.                                                                                



The world was happier before the advent of cell phones.Choose your well-being.





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